Rick Takvorian

the man who fooled the world

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„the man who fooled the world” he delivers a sincere album with soul folk sounds in the singer-songwriter tradition. adorned by acoustic guitar and piano, there remains plenty of space for the lyrics and those haunting vocals…
“give us back the day” is a wake-up call to history, war, the flood of refugees…in this song, you can hear the harshness and pain in his vocal delivery.
“i will know” is a powerful, classic piano ballad,
“falling into space” the kind of tune that should be a track in an independent movie. crisp guitar sounds and the rough contours of rick’s vocal stick in your mind as the last high notes resonate at the end .
“hope” shimmers with a bright emotional quality.

my personal highlight on this record is

“odyssey”. embedded in a pure country-folk framework, rick’s fingerpicked guitar patterns carry me to a country far away. here his voice is probably at its best.
“o my love” brings a luscious change of tone: like waking up on a sunny sunday morning…
another film-soundtrack-moment awaits in
“elevator song”: an exquisite piano melody in a strangely vertical world.
“jane weekend” conjures up images of london and the streets of notting hill on a warm evening at dusk. musically, a wild change of guitar tempo in the second half of the song embraces the spiralling motif, with echoes of john martyn and nick drake…
“down to mary” is a simple love song.
“driving all day in my daddy’s chevrolet, there’s a destination blowin’ in the wind”: is it the car in the cover photograph that is taking us on this personal road trip?.the record closes with
“south african sky”, perhaps the most ambitious piano melody. no lyrics. no words. telling a story with every single note …

when rick sings he shares deeply with his audience.

eleni blum

Live Video „down to mary“

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the man who fooled the world

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