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Eye for an Eye

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👁 Eye for an Eye 👁
This song is being released at a time when the world is in a lock-down. Come to realize, we are all in the same Titanic.

👁 Eye for an Eye 👁
This song is speaking out my anger and disappointment on the day to day racism. I am doing my very best as a black man, using my anger as an inspiration for my music, but its truly not easy!

👁 Eye for an Eye 👁
This song gives us a teaching about humanity, being one, respecting each other regardless of color, religion and beliefs. Especially in these times where we miss seeing friends and elderly family members.

👁 Eye for an Eye 👁
This song shall be an encouragement for everyone who feels down, scared, bored and restricted. Get up, be creative, write a story, sing a song or start painting.

👁 Eye for an Eye 👁
This song shall make you dance. Put it on full volume and dance. Lets not get blinded by anger of what is happening around us and within us.

👁 Eye for an Eye 👁
makes the world go blind, realize that we don´t have time
black or white we all have rights, realize that we don`t have time.

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Eye for an Eye

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