Rick Takvorian

just one moon

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just one moon / new songs from rick takvorian: music for the dawn and for the dusk, for early mornings and for the last light of day. For late night rides on lazy back streets and hazy highways or for watching the sun rise and throw dirty glitter over that grey old north sea. Soulful, intimate, lyrical tunes wrapped in swirling, intricate guitar passages and those haunted, velvety trademark vocals. With soft unmistakable echoes of John Martyn, Nick Drake and Cat Stevens….

‘all my life I’ve been a runaround, a walking talking hand-me-down a joker with a smile yea I’ve been a beggar and a king a dancer waiting in the wings to walze you down the aisle but there’s just one moon tonight and it’s hanging low in the sky It feels like a mirror shining bright and you can see yourself, feel myself, be ourselves from a long way down yes you can see yourself, feel myself, be ourselves the wrong way ‘round…..’



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just one moon

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